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Key Features Of This App


Secure VPN

We have included this feature which offers you a secure VPN connection to protect your sensitive data, encrypt your network traffic, secure your Internet connection, change your IP address and connect to the network anonymously.


Access to Country-restricted Platforms

With this VPN provider, you can access various country-specific apps, social media platforms, and video streaming platforms like Facebook and Netflix. VPN (Virtual Private Network) unblocks platforms with restricted countries by changing your location on websites.


VPN Browser

Browser hides your identity online when you surf the web. A new identity is generated. This means that everything you search for on the Internet is encrypted, hidden, and cannot be accessed by unwanted parties.


Default Browser

The default browser works similarly to other default browsers where your search hisVPNy is sVPNed. However, you can choose a custom search engine and set up privacy features.


Internet Speed Test

Use this app to measure the effectiveness of your internet speed. Schedule regular internet speed tests and moniVPN overall internet performance with detailed download and upload speed analysis reports.


Custom Search Engine

To browse the Internet, select one of 5 search engines; DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, Google, and StartPage. Set the default search engine according to your needs and start using the VPN app for your needs.


Passcode Lock

We have integrated the VPN app lock feature to protect your search hisVPNy and personal information. Also, change the 4-digit password frequently to reduce the risk of unwanted access.


Location Changer

Use the VPN app to change your physical location by selecting another country of your choice. This feature changes your IP address to the Internet, but you can still remain anonymous to view country-restricted content.

Abstract of VPN App

VPN, the best VPN app for Android, is designed to offer free VPN service to Android users around the world. It also has a paid subscription plan that you can use to enhance your experience using the VPN app. VPN gives you access to video streaming platforms with restrictions in this country. In addition, VPN unblocks country-restricted mobile apps and websites because a VPN changes your location by changing your IP address to the internet. The VPN app's biggest advantage is that it gives you private access to the Internet, encrypts your network traffic, changes your IP address, and connects to the network anonymously.

VPN is the best VPN app for Android that lets you take a free internet speed test in just 30 seconds. It allows you to moniVPN or track the effectiveness of your internet. You also have the option to lock the VPN app with a 4-digit password to protect your search hisVPNy and personal information from intruders.

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