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Appicoders is keen to make your app conversational. From Reddit to Paytm to Headspace, every beloved app thrives on the back of a strong community. Get closer to chatting via text, voice, or video in your app - with us, a smooth real-time messaging experience is guaranteed!

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Real Time Messaging Solution

One Single Inbox Enough for your every interaction

Whether it's webchat, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, or texting, it's all in the same place so you always get messages, and customers have a seamless experience. The real-time management platform, sending review invitations, scheduling appointments, and simply answering questions are all done in one easy-to-use inbox.

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Real Time Messaging Solution

Get to know Appicoders' Chatbox

Appicoders’ Chatbox, the leading instant messaging application development solution, offers innovative ways to change how your business interacts.

Group chat

Connect and communicate with many people by creating a chat group.

Sync and save

Designed to make your chat app available anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Social integration

Made for quick access to chat apps from social networks accounts.

Split screen

Share your screen in real-time with contacts in chat apps.

With Our Messaging Solutions, Chat anytime, Anywhere!

Reach the recipient and be available around the clock. Chatbot Appicoders, a development platform for instant messaging applications, stays connected through multiple communication channels.

Total personalization

Very flexible for quick adjustments, Scalability, technology release, and integration.

Fully accessible source code

Enjoy complete control over your instant messagesApp and its function with source code. The application we develop is entirely barrier-free!


Host data on your favorite cloud server to expand its resources and ease of using your instant messaging application.

Powerful technology stack

Influenced by Amazon Web S3, MySQL, Erlang, Ejabberd, etc. We develop and deliver an instant messaging solution for all platforms.

Real Time Messaging Solution

A platform for developing instant messaging applications for human-centered industries

Build a messaging app development platform that can add a touch of flair to demanding customer service!

  • Real Time Messaging Solution

    Voice Notes and Messaging

    Use the Appicoders messaging app in three easy steps. Say, write and send.

  • Real Time Messaging Solution

    Video Call

    Connect privately with your people by making video/audio calls in the Appicoders’ Chatbox.

  • Real Time Messaging Solution

    Push Notifications

    Messages sent/received in Appicoders Chatterbox have sound on your iOS/Android device.

  • Real Time Messaging Solution

    Offline News

    Offline support lets you reach out to reporters and get news when you're offline.

  • Real Time Messaging Solution

    Online Attendance Indicator

    The indicator notifies you of your friends' online availability.

  • Real Time Messaging Solution

    Location Sharing

    Share your current location with others.

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