Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services

At Appicoder, we don’t leave our clients hanging after the deployment of the Application. Instead, we stick with our clients and ensure that their mobile app delivers premium functionality and faultless performance for a prolonged time with our premium Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services!

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App Support

Businesses today are application-driven and want seamless applications to keep business processes running smoothly. Fast-growing market dynamics require companies to constantly update their applications to gain a competitive advantage and drive business growth.

Application Maintenance and Support services go to great lengths to ensure that applications are comfortable, secure, and relevant to today's business needs. We have proven experience maintaining enterprise software systems with SLA-managed support processes. Our maintenance systems ensure downtime is minimized and help you focus on strategic actions by reducing time spent on routine maintenance activities.


Top-Tier Mobile App Maintenance & Support

A comprehensive lifecycle management solution for mobile applications. Interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and well-functioning mobile apps provide the best user experience. However, all applications require some technical support and regular maintenance. With mobile app maintenance and support services by Appicoders, your application will always be up to date.

Our experience provides mobile app support, maintenance, and upgrades for iOS and Android apps using the latest technology. We deliver mobile application maintenance services to prolong uptime, support larger user bases, optimize server performance, improve UX/UI, and every other service that you want from us.

Appicoders is a leading mobile app maintenance company that holds expertise in mobile app maintenance services to help keep your mobile app updated and help you bring your business into the spotlight!

Multi-Tiered Support Solutions

Our app support engineers come in handy with top support solutions that include fixing standard issues, auditing apps and systems, providing IT support, and server administration service to offer adaptive and perfect maintenance, upgrades, and legacy migrations services to our clients.

Mobile App Maintenance and Support

We deliver mobile app support and maintenance services to enhance the application’s uptime, support large user bases efficiently, optimize server performance to its best, enhance the UX/UI of the app, minimize uninstallation rate, comply with regulatory necessary concerns, and keep web services integrate for smooth operation,

Web Application Maintenance

Our web app maintenance and support services include testing and debugging, updating client’s website content, maintaining database, and real-timeanalysis and monitoring of functionalities - all within strict adherence to Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines.

Code Refactoring

We reconstruct existing codes to enhance external features and functionality while eliminating programming redundancies, streamlining class designs, and improving API implementations, as well as reforming simple servlet services.

Software Maintenance and Upgrades

Stay at the forefront with our exclusive Appicoder’s maintenance and support services. Our dedicated team of experts ensures the continual optimization of your software, providing real-time updates and other necessary enhancements to keep your app secure and high-performing.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Our quality maintenance and support team focuses on ensuring high-quality applications. Our assurance and testing process includes rigorous testing, thorough diagnosis of issues, and continuous performance assessments. Our tech-savvy tools and methodologies ensure optimal processes and application performance.


Why Choose Appicoders?

Appicoders is a name of trust! We provide extensive app maintenance and support services to our clients that not only solve your app issues but also ensure that your app keeps working efficiently.

Whether you want us to fix bugs and errors in your application or improve the overall features and personality of the app, we have the right solution to all your app problems.

Our extensive portfolio showcases our expertise, and our 100% client success rate makes us the best app maintenance and support company. If you, too, want an app with zero problems, Appicoder’s exclusive developers are here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without a doubt, valuable insights are the lifeblood of successful enterprises. Appicoders specializes in creating sturdy business intelligence solutions that unravel the capability hidden within your data.

App support and maintenance services are the after-deployment services that are provided to ensure the app’s smooth operations and functionality. By availing of this service, you can remain sure that there is a professional team who is looking out for your app and will keep your app safe against bugs and errors for life!

For businesses looking to make a name of their own, they need to make sure that their app functionality is top-notch! For that, availing app support and maintenance services can reap business the following benefits:
  • improved user experience
  • more security
  • enhances the reliability of an application
  • helps in gaining a better app rating
  • higher revenues
  • compliance with industry standards

Here are some of the best practices one should follow when delivering App Support and Maintenance services:
  • Outsourcing maintenance service to a good company
  • Consistently test the Maintenance Updates
  • Map the test results in a conducive environment
  • Create a maintenance timetable and follow it strictly
  • Fix the issue as soon as possible

One can simply choose the right App support and Maintenance company by following these steps:
  • Research extensively
  • Read all Reviews and Testimonials of the company you are choosing
  • Check the expertise and experience of the app maintenance services
  • Look through the Maintenance Plans the company is offering for you.
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