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Property Exchange App developed by us has the most unique Property Exchange concept all over India. Users of this real estate solution only need to enter their real estate, whether residential, commercial, or land, in the exchange app.

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Key Features of this App


Property listing

This real estate application has a property listing feature that allows users to check property listings along with complete information such as type, size, price, area, and city. The property list contains a list of all the properties that the user has added to the application.


Add property

Users of this real estate app can easily add properties to the app including important details like type, total lot area, price, phone number, and owner's name. No matter how many properties consumers own, they can register their properties and get genuine inquiries.


Exchange properties

Once consumers have registered their property, be it residential, commercial or land, they can start looking for other properties to buy. As soon as he finds an interesting property, he can contact the owner and pass it on. In this way, two owners can exchange their properties regardless of the city.


Offer Actions

There are four different actions consumers can take when they receive a property offer. The first thing he can do is accept if he really likes something and refuses if he isn't. The possibility of cancellation belongs to the sender of the application, he can cancel the application if the owner of the counter has not received the application. The final step is to resubmit what will be available to the applicant. He can resend the request to the owner with a better deal and offer.



App users can mark any property as a favorite, regardless of whether it's in the same city or another city. You can view the property list and mark all properties as your favorite and manage the favorite list. Under Favorites, you can find all your favorite properties and are interested in each one.



The client application has a filter feature that allows users to search for properties by applying filters. Users can apply filters and search for specific properties by applying filters such as location, city, budget, and property type.

Property Exchange App

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the Bada Property Exchange App is a property management app that allows people in India to exchange their properties for homes, offices, land, and other real estate. Users just need to list their properties, regardless of type, size, and city, in one of the most widely used real estate apps.

It doesn't matter how many properties a consumer has for sale, all they have to do is register it in the property management app, or we can call it the Bada Property Exchange app and start receiving inquiries about it.

The user shows his interest by submitting a request. Once the application is received by the counterparty or the property listing, the remainder will be processed by the responsible agent. In short, this mobile real estate app helps users with all their real estate needs, from registering their property to finding a new property, closing deals instantly to getting real estate loans, and completing property documentation.

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