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We have designed, developed, and successfully implemented this tennis statistics app which allows tennis players to collect real-time professional statistics for them using their Apple Watch.

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Key Features of this App


Real-time tracking of past and current matches

Tennis players can track and maintain data of all previous and current matches along with complete information such as date, time, opponent name, and matches with sets 1, 2, and 3. Users can maintain the history and plan the next games accordingly.


Real-time syncing of data

This best tennis app to track results and matches syncs real-time data to iPhone. Whenever a player updates any points or data on their Apple Watch, the app will automatically update them on the iPhone.


Custom format

Tennis players can create personalized tennis formats to play with their tennis friends and partners. With this app, they can update scores, check play and continuously improve it to track tennis activity.


Cloud backup

This tennis scores app stores all the data and information about your matches in the cloud, so your data is completely safe and protected. If the app user uninstalls the app for a certain time, the data related to their game, score, and status will be stored in the cloud, so users don't have to worry.


Share live updates with friends

This tennis score tracking app allows users to create web links to share with their friends and family and allows them to follow the results of the matches live. The web connection can be accessed anywhere on a PC or laptop without registration or login.


Subscription for saving unlimited games

This tennis points tracking app allows players to purchase a subscription to store an unlimited number of games with detailed information about the game. No matter whether the player wants to save 10 or 100 games in the app, he stores all the data in the cloud.

Online Score Tracker App for Tennis Players

Game Set Stat is the best tennis points tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch that allows users to track all the details of their previous and current games along with complete information such as date, time, and game status with set 1, set 2, and set 3 of Tennis. this. The tracking app captures scores via Apple Watch and syncs app data in real-time.

With this tennis report app, tennis players can view and analyze their professional game statistics on their iPhones at the end of the match. When starting a new game, users simply need to launch their Apple Watch app and start collecting data for each point played. This app sends real-time backlink data to iPhone users.

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