Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service App

Laundry and Dry Cleaning is a dry cleaning application that offers door-to-door service. Customers can find the nearest laundrette and get pick-up and delivery services whenever they want. Vendors can use this laundry app to list their services and generate revenue.

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Key Features of this App


Sign Up and Sign In

Registered customers can log in directly to the app with their email and password. New customers need to register with their email address and mobile number, which the admin can confirm. If a user forgets their password, they can easily recover it by clicking "Forgot your password?".


Home Screen

The home screen of this laundry and cleaning service app is the main screen. This screen shows the featured washing machine as well as the closest one. Customers can view details such as the name of the laundry service, user rating, distance, time, address, and services offered.



This feature allows customers to search for clothes of their choice. There is a search bar at the top of the screen where users can simply type in the name of the laundry they want to check if it is listed in the app. They can see if the laundry is open or look for another laundry they like.



Customers can apply filters to find laundry according to their needs. This application has various filters such as B. Distance from me (3 km to 8 km), Desired service (ironing, dry cleaning, detergent, gas washing), Average rating (1-5), Type of delivery service (express delivery) or standard). ).


Set Home Location

Customers can also set the location as their place of residence so that whenever they open this app on laundry day, they will find great service nearby. Customers can also add multiple addresses or use their current location, so they don't have to add a location every time they need to use that shipping address.


Choose Service

After selecting the laundry and entering the address, the customer now chooses the type of service – standard or express. Then the customer chooses a service for laundry - dry cleaning, detergent, washing with gasoline. The next step is to indicate the type and number of clothes to be washed and finally the type of collection.


Schedule Pick Up and Delivery

With this feature, customers can schedule their pick-up and delivery dates at will. The customer sets the pickup date and time for the driver to pick up the clothes. They also arrange delivery dates and delivery times for their clothes to be delivered to the desired address and time.


Order Summary

The order summary screen contains all the details of the current order. Customers can view details such as laundry name, address ordered, service selected, shipping cost, date and time of receipt, delivery date and timeframe, and delivery priority. Finally, the user can apply the promotional code and proceed with the payment.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service App

We design and develop apps like Cleanly which offer the best laundry and cleaning services in Saudi Arabia. Our client worked before deciding to go to the laundromat. He noted that there is a huge demand for laundry services in his country, but there are very few applications to facilitate the process.

He wanted an app that would help customers find nearby laundry and dry cleaning, apps like Clean or Rinse. He also wants to help providers by giving them a platform to advertise and promote their services. We have developed a complete solution with 4 components: 1) client/user application, 2) cleanup application, 3) driver application, and 4) administration area.

Customers can get a laundry pick-up service through the user application. Laundry owners can attract customers through their app. Drivers can receive notifications when their service is needed and admins can manage all other components and resources.

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