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Human Resources Technology (HR Technology) is a blanket term that often refers to dealing with human resources functions within an organization. With Appicoders’ premium HR development services, From managing Employee payroll and compensation to performing talent acquisition and management, all the HR tasks like these can be solved within no time!

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SelectHR Mobile Application services

The future of HR Technology

The purpose of the human resources (HR) department is to manage the numerous needs of company employees. From financial matters to legal matters, human departments help maximize the efficiency of an organization. HR solutions is a collective term for all technology companies that serve human resource management. Just as "human resources" is a broad umbrella term, HR decisions can encompass a wide range of employee management and reporting functions and functions. While providing a digital portal for employees to store, Access, and process information, human resources solutions can branch beyond core human resources, including payroll functions, talent management, hours worked, business intelligence reporting, etc.

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Project Management Methodology

SelectHR Mobile Application services


The objective is to conduct a detailed and structured gathering of system requirements for Web-Enabled Human Resource Management software to identify the problems & challenges in business processes that need to be addressed through automation to meet the CLIENT's current and future business needs.

  • Define and implement project management processes.
  • Identify & document the scope for this project.
  • Review the existing procedures, functions, and activities related to the business by meeting key users and management at CLIENT.
  • Study detailed user requirements in terms of system functionality and outputs.
  • Review & document the first draft of RDR with CLIENT key users and management and revise the report based on feedback.


The activity objective is to design the database structure, screen layouts, standard report layouts & program specifications. The CLIENT will submit these specifications as RDR for approval for software analysis and design architecture.

  • Design specifications based on BRD.
  • Develop database structure, screens, and reports layouts.
  • Define the inputs and outputs.
  • Prepare the Analysis & Design Report
  • Finalize development of database, screens, process flows, and report layouts.
SelectHR Mobile Application services
SelectHR Mobile Application services


  • Cloud computing-oriented centralized database solution.
  • Robust security features with the capability to define user access rights down to activity level.
  • Web-enabled - Implementation of a paperless environment
  • Highly parameterised, user friendly & flexible to accommodate user requirements
  • Online availability of critical information for prompt decision-making
  • Powerful Query facility to filter and review information on a wide range of parameters, including the ability to build and store queries for repetitive usage
  • Multifarious Reports
  • Maintains complete history and audit trail.


  • SelectHR Mobile Application services


    APPICODERS INC select HR runs from a central location, making it easier to manage multiple types of divisions & groups within one centralized database. All while reducing costs, saving time, and integrating and aligning your HR efforts with the rest of the organization.

  • SelectHR Mobile Application services


    By automating the vast majority of your HR tasks, the software eliminates redundancy, increases accuracy, and ensures that your data is always timely, available, & complete. Automated reminders and notifications make sure you stay on time and on task.

  • SelectHR Mobile Application services


    Automating your HR process helps you truly take charge of employee management practices. The HR department will be better informed, more responsive, and able to make quicker, smarter decisions while saving valuable time and money.

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