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Medical App is a cloud-based on-demand application for doctors, designed and developed by our mobile app developers. Do you want to create a software-based doctor-on-demand application or solution?

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Key Features of this App


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The first step for doctors is to create their profiles in the on-demand doctor app. You must add personal information such as name, gender, age, number, address, and educational qualifications, as well as board-certified license and medical profile information of your specialty.



The Physician on Demand app control panel has three sections:
1) Active Patients - shows you which patients are active.
2) Active Doctors - Indicates which doctors are active.
3) Recently Contacted - shows recently contacted patients.


My Profile

Doctors can view and edit their data such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Age, Mobile Number, Address, Education Level, Degree, University, Graduation Year, License Number, License Year, Doctor Profile – Medical Practice, Degree, Specialization, Description.


My inquiries

The doctor can see all the requests he receives from both patients and colleagues. He could see in detail the patient's name and the chief complaint, whether it was the flu or a mental health disorder. He can view and link patient profiles or add patient records.


My Network

This screen consists of three parts:
1) Pending Requests - displays all requests that have not been answered by other doctors.
2) Complete Requests - All complete requests from doctors are shown here.
3) Denied Requests - shows denied requests from other doctors.


Contact Patient

If patients want to see a doctor online, they can mention it. The doctor can then decide whether to make a video call, audio call, add a note to the request, or send a text message to the patient. All these services assist doctors in providing emergency care to patients.

Healthcare & Medical App

We design and develop on-demand doctor apps so carrier patients can see doctors thousands of miles away. Apps like Conduet-Med are very popular given the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

With the help of this medical app, online visits to doctors for treatment and care are made easier. This app is for certified physical and mental health professionals. This app allows patients to make requests by entering details and requesting medical services. The doctor accepts this request and can then add notes or contact the patient to discuss diagnosis and treatment.

Our clients are from the United States and are entrepreneurs who are concerned about health issues. Even if the patient needs urgent care, the doctor is not available around the clock. He decided to create an on-demand app for doctors that connects doctors and patients so that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive health care.

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