Retail Solution Management

Complete Retail Solutions (CRS) brings together complimenting leaders in retail services

Retail Solution Management System accelerate your business growth with our rich featured software solution, especially designed for multi-location Retail - POS business. Control your brand and gain insights with the visibility at the regional, store and employee levels and take prompt decisions on top priorities.

Powerful Retail POS Solution: Featured to Streamline Businesses

Appicoder's Retail - POS software solution is web based application-that makes it easier than ever to manage multi-location business divisions & branches within one centralized database. All while reducing costs, saving time, and integrating and aligning your Retail business efforts with the rest of the organization.

By automating the vast majority of your Retail - POS operations, software eliminates redundancy, increases accuracy, and ensures your data is always timely available & improved retail solution.

Deliver a flawless customer experience and ensure brand consistency. Broadcast to all stores and foster communications between multi-location terminals to rack productivity and gain visibility across stores with dashboards.

Retail POS Solution
  • Complete integrated Retail POS Solution
  • Real-time Store Management
  • Retail E-Ticketing Solution
  • Dynamic Prospective Setups
  • Point of Sale (Sales, Returns, Inventory, Dashboards, etc.)
  • Frequent Buyer, Gift Card & Gift Registry
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Reporting / Business Intelligence
  • Complete Customer Management
  • E-Commerce fully-integrated with the POS
Retail E-Ticketing Solution
  • Dynamic Ticketing Types
  • Dynamic Facilities & Ticketing Management
  • Customer (Visitors) Entry & Exit Control
  • Printing & Email Alerts Compatibility
  • Email Alerts & Internal Payments
  • Reporting / Business Intelligence

Retail Solution Management System Web based Software Screenshots