Instant Reporting EDGE

Track, Record & Report Zero Paperwork Anytime Anywhere

Instead Reporting "Edge" solution you can quickly create virtually any type of report on your smart mobile device, fill it out, and send it to everyone you need. Record information, get signatures, capture and send photos, videos, and even diagrams, all from the convenience of your smart device. And with convenient speech to text transcription, you don’t even have to type to fill out forms! Don’t waste any more money on expensive paper forms that cause clutter and require manual filing. Instead, discover just how easy creating, filing, and sharing your forms on the edge.

Immediate Reporting Mobile Application

Immediate reporting mobile application provides an accurate Accident recording tool for all drivers of all types of vehicles with its key feature of sketching how the accident occurred and the positions of the vehicles at the time of the accident.

  • Mobile app user
  • Client Admin (web based)
  • Super Admin(web based)
  • Drivers and Admin Login
  • Accident Sketch
  • Incident Summary
  • Report submission
  • SMS Report Submission
  • Customer Feedback

Client's Administration (Web Interface)
  • Client Registration
  • Driver Profile Creation
  • Drivers Profile Data Import through Excel
  • Drivers and Admin Login
  • Web based Accident or Damage report submission
  • Driver’s and Admin interaction for acquiring Claim number
  • Email Insurance Report to the Company
  • Generate Reports
  • Bank Details for Payments
Super Administration (Web Interface)
  • Login
  • Client’s Bank’s Details for payments
  • Customer’s pricing
  • Customer’s monthly billing report
  • Generate reports
  • Client’s Demo link integration with the website
Mobile App
  • Incident Report And Damage Report
  • Picture capturing & GPS Location
  • Accident Sketch
  • Speech to Text for Incident Summary
  • SMS report submission
  • Customer’s Feedback Form

Instead Reporting "Edge" App Screenshots