Healthcare Mobile App

A web and mobile application for health providers and organizations to engage with patients and manage their business. With built-in capabilities to support your practice's needs, the Healthcare sets your business up for greater success.

Remote Monitoring

  • Create suitable care plans
  • Add patients to your plans
  • Collect payments for care plans
  • Monitor subscribed patients regularly
  • Analyze their progress on your care plans


  • Set Up Consultation Timings
  • Manage Your Appointments On-the-go
  • Automated Reminders To Patients And Yourself
  • Easy Appointment Booking For Patients

Video Consultation

  • Set up consultation timings
  • Define payments for your sessions
  • Manage your video appointments
  • Send consultation summaries
  • Collect payments for telemedicine sessions

Patient Questions

  • Text Consultations
  • Second opinions and test report reviews
  • Define your own terms, based on your schedule
  • Online payment for consultations

Patient Portal

  • Personal Web Presence
  • Increased Accessibility to Health Services
  • Patient Education Platform
  • Patient Testimonials
  • Easy Patient Portal Settings

Mobile Apps

  • Easy access to patient profiles
  • Mobile patient engagement through telemedicine
  • Respond to text consultations
  • Chronic Care Management on your mobile
  • Manage your appointments
  • Easy access to prescriptions and notes

Patient Health Records

  • Build Your Own Patient Database
  • Access Patient Data Anywhere, Anytime
  • Patients Are Involved in Their Care

Billing & Reports

  • Set up Payment Service
  • Revenue From Health Services


  • Patient Notification
  • Categorizing patients into specific groups
  • Broadcast patient notifications
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Your Branded Mobile App For Patient Engagement

We create a branded mobile app for your patients too! Your Healthcare Mobile Application Services can be available to patients on your own mobile application. Making it convenient for you to manage your patients and practice. Mobile apps for both providers and patients. Accessibility to manage your practice and services as well as the convenience for patients to stay in touch. Appicoders this crowded market, there are several innovative medical apps worth noting for your patients.

  • WebMD Pain Coach
  • Glucose Buddy
  • uChek
  • Clinical Trial Seek
  • Healthy Heart 2
  • Kardia Mobile (EKG)
  • CDC


Whether you are looking to add specific services to your practice or looking to expand your practice online, the versatility of the Healthcare is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Stored on the Cloud

  • data is stored on the HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services cloud for easy access and complete security.

Easiest Platform to Use

  • Requires minimal training or overheads to set up, implement and start using, in any health organization.

Ensuring Happy Patients

  • The simplicity and convenience will have your patients engaging with you actively and improve referrals.

Additional Revenue Stream

  • Online engagement with payments and effective time management are a few ways we ensure your business continues to grow.