Healthcare Mobile App

A web and mobile application for health providers and organizations to engage with patients and manage their business. With built-in capabilities
to support your practice's needs, the Healthcare sets your business up for greater success.

Patient Health Records

The right information leads to better decisions. Make informed decisions about your patients' care with access to their health records. Comprehensive health records of your patients that are accessible to you during consultations.

Build Your Own Patient Database

It takes less than a minute to add a new patient to your Virtual Practice. Patients can also register themselves by filling in a simple registration form. You can access and update the PHR of all patients who are registered in your Virtual Practice.

Access Patient Data Anywhere, Anytime

The patient PHR provides unlimited online storage for your patients’ health data. All this information is securely accessible to you from anywhere, at any time you need it. This means that you can access this information during clinic consultations and online video consultations.

Patients Are Involved in Their Care

The patient PHR is a secure way for patients to access and share their health data with you. They can also upload medical reports, details of medications prescribed or update health readings taken at home or from GoogleFit and Healthkit.

Remote Monitoring

Always assure your patients the best health care. Custom care plans to track and monitor your patients between visits. Reduce the risk of health complications between clinic visits and improve treatment adherence through continuous monitoring.

Create suitable care plans

Choose from an extensive list of 50+ health trackers to design specialized care plans for your patients, because you understand their health best.

Add patients to your plans

Add patients or let them know about your care plans during clinic visits or online consultations.Once added, your patients will be able to share their health readings with you as directed by your plans and have their health reviewed periodically to prevent any complications.

Collect payments for care plans

Define subscription costs for your health plans and collect payments online from patients subscribed to your plans. Your remote monitoring plan allows you to provide patients with personalized care, on your term, while also growing practice revenue. Patient can also renew their subscriptions online.

Monitor subscribed patients regularly

Track your patients' health with your remote monitoring plans. Patients can share their health readings through health trackers defined in your plans. Review their health parameters and share your feedback. Patients can also ask your monitoring team questions real-time to receive immediate intervention.

Analyze their progress on your care plans

Review long-term patient progress on your care plans. Patients health data can be visualized graphically to allow both your patients and monitoring team to see the results of their health being monitored.


Streamlining consultations, online and in-clinic. We help you keep track of your busy schedule and manage your time. Appointment scheduling for staff and booking for patients with status updates to prevent no-shows and save your practice losses.

Set Up Consultation Timings

Publish details of your consultation timings across various practice locations on the Virtual Practice to allow patients to schedule appointments with you, at your convenience.

Manage Your Appointments On-the-go

Your staff can manage appointments, confirm or reschedule appointment requests on the Virtual Practice web or mobile app. Appointment requests made via phone or even during in-clinic consultations can be entered into your calendar.

Automated Reminders To Patients And Yourself

You will receive alerts when a patient requests an appointment. A daily summary of the day’s appointments will also be sent to you via email and text message. Your patients will also receive reminders about their scheduled appointments.

Easy Appointment Booking For Patients

In addition to your Virtual Practice, patients can also book appointments with you on their smartphone using the Continuous Care app.

Video Consultation

Meet more patients every day. A quick and efficient service to follow-up with your patients, wherever they may be. A great way for elderly patients, patients with disabilities and those located far away to connect with you.

Set up consultation timings

Video Consultations help you manage your time effectively while allowing you to see more patients. Define suitable consultation timings for video sessions to help manage your time effectively.

Define payments for your sessions

Telemedicine sessions are a great way to add an additional source of revenue to your practice. Set up payments for your video consultations, which patients would be able to pay for before a session.

Manage your video appointments

Once set up, you can schedule or accept appointments for your telemedicine sessions online or on the mobile app. Confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments and your patients will be automatically notified of the appointment status.

Send consultation summaries

Improve treatment adherence by sharing e-prescriptions,appointment reminders, treatment goals, invoices or even prescribe a monitoring plan for patients, which patients will receive as an email consultation summary after their session.

Collect payments for telemedicine sessions

Earn more as your see more patients daily. Collect payments for your video consultations prior to a session to ensure you are compensated for your time. Patients can pay you on the web or through their mobile app.

Patient Questions

Accessibility, on your terms. Answer questions from patients without it affecting your personal time. A great way to help your patients with question they may have about their health or medication.

Text Consultations

Real health problems need expert solutions. Your patients can ask health questions through the Virtual Practice, instead of relying on questionable online health information.

Second opinions and test report reviews

Rather than taking up too much of your time, your patients can post questions to your online for simple health queries. They can include test reports with their questions to help you make better decisions.

Define your own terms, based on your schedule

Set expectations with your patients by defining a suitable response time to answer patient questions. Patients will be notified when their questions has been answered.

Online payment for consultations

Unlike responses provided via email or text messages, you can choose to set consultation fees and have patients pay online when they ask health questions.


Communication made simple. Tell patients about what's new and send communication about events that may be relevant to them. Saves your staff time and reduces the need to invest in different tools for email or SMS communication.

Patient Notification

Practising at a new location? Or, going away on holiday? Inform your patients about updates and changes to your practice via email or SMS notifications. An easy way to keep your patients informed.

Categorizing patients into specific groups

Group patients into categories based on similarities in their treatment plans, health conditions or their location. This allows you to communicate with each group through customized messages.

Broadcast patient notifications

Send customized SMS, email or app notifications to patients to let them know about any changes to your practice, eliminating the need for bulk notifications from your personal email or phone number.

Patient Portal

Customize your online presence. A user-friendly patient portal to showcase your practice and its services. Integrated with a health blog for patient education. Easy to edit at any time, without any assistance.

Personal Web Presence

Your unique online address that serves as a virtual business card. A personalized portal that allows patients to get in touch with you.

Increased Accessibility to Health Services

It’s not just a website, the patient portal is an interactive platform. Video Consultations, Health Questions and Remote Monitoring are just a few of the ways patients can engage with you.

Patient Education Platform

Publish helpful health news and articles that will educate and empower your patients to make better decisions about their care.

Patient Testimonials

Great reviews go a long way! Patients can submit testimonials about your practice which can be displayed on your patient portal.

Easy Patient Portal Settings

The Virtual Practice offers advanced settings for configuring the patient portal and its services to the needs of your practice.

Billing & Reports

Keep track of your growing practice. Collect payments online and manage online billing and revenue reports for your practice to track revenue. An easy option to audit your practice, helping you identify what services works best for your practice.

Set up Payment Service

Through the Virtual Practice settings providers can define a suitable currency, payment gateway service, cost for each health service and service tax charges.

Revenue From Health Services

When patients make payments for services availed, a bill is automatically emailed to them. Providers will also be notified about payments received and can view billing reports to keep track of revenue generated.

Mobile Apps

Making it convenient for you to manage your patients and practice. Mobile apps for both providers and patients. Accessibility to manage your practice and services as well as the convenience for patients to stay in touch.

Easy access to patient profiles

Access your entire patient database and all of their health information in one place. Get a comprehensive view of all of your patients' health data to help you make informed decisions about their care.

Mobile patient engagement through telemedicine

Follow-up and consult with patients through telemedicine services like Video Consultations. Collect payments prior to telemedicine sessions to get reimbursed for your consultations and access their health records during the session

Respond to text consultations

Receive alerts about new patients' questions and respond to them on your mobile. Access patients Personal Health Records during mobile consultations to make better health decisions

Chronic Care Management on your mobile

Monitor patients on your remote care or chronic care plans through periodic updates. Your patients can share information from their home health monitoring devices and connected apps as well

Manage your appointments

Receive and respond to appointment requests from patients, schedule follow-up appointments for your patients on the app

Easy access to prescriptions and notes

Manage e-prescriptions and consultations notes on-the-go. Access details of your patients' previous engagements with your practice.



Whether you are looking to add specific services to your practice or looking to expand your practice online, the versatility of the Healthcare is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Stored on the Cloud

data is stored on the HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services cloud for easy access and complete security.

Easiest Platform to Use

Requires minimal training or overheads to set up, implement and start using, in any health organization.

Ensuring Happy Patients

The simplicity and convenience will have your patients engaging with you actively and improve referrals.

Additional Revenue Stream

Online engagement with payments and effective time management are a few ways we ensure your business continues to grow.

Your Branded Mobile App For Patient Engagement

We create a branded mobile app for your patients too! Your Healthcare Mobile Application Services can be available to patients on your own mobile application .


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