Yes All Mobile Application

Yes All mobile application” is both for iPhone and Android platforms and available on the app store and play store and a user can download it for free and get registered as end-customers or service providers. This app having two roles as a service provider and a customer-centric app and connecting as a connector between people to people.

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This “Yes All Mobile Application” design & development and to be installed on mobile devices of users and service providers. This app leads the on-demand services that deliver professionals straight to your (end customer) doorstep. Tap the “Yes All Mobile” app to book professional services assets and get overall services e.g. food delivery, grocery, medicines, rent a car, drop off, pick up, buy something, and deliver on the doorstep, etc. However, the app imposes a specific amount of percentage (that will be defined in the development phase) on each transaction from the service provider. This app can connect the users to the place from which he/she wants to avail of the services. Similarly, the service provider would offer a variety of services to the user/customer.

Yes All is a platform that is unique to each of its three user/customer-interface, service provider, and admin panel. With a separate login and user profile, it offers a distinct dashboard with unique features that suit their needs. In the present world of cut-throat competition, every business has to go through a struggle before it can win against its competitors and make a place for itself. On-demand services have brought about a major change in how businesses offer their services to customers today. Given the fact every business is unique in what it offers to its customers, on-demand app development acts as a one-stop solution. It lets businesses grow and adapt while delivering the specific required features to their customer base.

Customer Interface

In this app, it allows the user to can avail access to all the services provided within the app. The app can connect the users to the place from he/she wants to avail the services. Users can post the job or hire the service provider at any time.

Users can populate search results of the service providers nearby. Additionally, Users can chat/ video call with the service provider to discuss the charges or it allows the customer to rate and review the services.

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Service Provider

In this module, it allows the service provider to add the different types of services which he/she is offering e.g. food delivery, grocery, medicines, rent a car, drop off, picks up, buy something and to deliver on the doorstep, etc. the service provider can select the services added from backend admin panel at the time of registration by tapping on that service and see all notification from customers.

furthermore, the service provider can chat/video call the customers during the app and also have a provision to add bill amount or image of the bill.

Admin Panel

Yes All Mobile Application revolutionizes all operations from order to management. It allows the admin to overview the dashboard or add offer different services in the application where the service provider can add their service at the time of registration.

Admin also updates the price or structure of the services. Moreover, it allows the admin to review and approve or reject the “service provider(s)” profile or customer profile. also, the admin can view the payments made by the customer

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