Field Force Manager

Field Force Manager is Mobile and Web Application, it's a comprehensive solution designed for filed force representatives of cross industries including Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products (FMCG) and Distributions businesses. Software facilitates to schedule and monitor field team activities in real time, allows to record and process online orders, manages customer info, demo products, create quotes and place orders. Automate the work order processing. Complete maintenance tasks on schedule. Reassign a work order and much more.

Key Features
  • Secure, login based access to system
  • View Daily Tasks in Categorized Manner
  • Automated Time Stamps and Location tagging with Check-in/Check-out
  • Access to Contact Book, Contact Profile, and Product Catalogs
  • Option to Add and Search Contacts
  • Option to add Meeting Minutes and Expenditures
  • Option to Schedule follow-up meetings
  • Personalized Sales and Performance reports
  • Access to Help Desk for Technical Assistance
Key Operational Benefits
  • Increase Field Reps Productivity - visit scheduling and planning, territory management, route optimization.
  • Prevent Fraud - time tracking and GPS monitoring of field reps.
  • Eliminate paperwork - mobile forms and photo reports.
  • Boost revenues - mobile product catalog and sales orders.
  • That can document Field Force Rep’s field activities.
  • That can reduce administrative time.
  • That can optimize workload.
  • That can automate task assignment.
  • That can automate performance evaluation.
  • That can generate real-time field activity reports.
Field Force Mobile Ordering & Merchandizing Application Solution

Going mobile for observations forms such as inspection reports, safety inspections, inspection checklists, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms and product inspections can improve the accuracy. Business is able to collect better inspection and survey data, share that data in real-time and learn from it to improve business operations and save time. Powerful survey management and reporting engine for market research activities.

Managers can setup tasks for inspection that is the starting and ending date of inspection. Easy-checking of compliance at POS in terms of price, distribution/coverage, shelf space, placement, promotions (proof with visuals like image & text message). The solution supports real time, bi-directional exchange of data. This allows sales visit details from field to be made available to back office staff without any delay.

Retail store managers can use this convenient retail evaluation checklist of our solution to assess their retail store's layout, shelf and display management, merchandising and overall cleanliness. Also includes a loss-prevention checklist. An open comments area is provided for each evaluation section allowing you to detail any needed changes or corrective actions needed in your retail shop.

Field Force Manager Screenshots